Unveiling 3 Luxury Platform Beds Collection from Asharys

Slumber in Style

In the pursuit of a tranquil and stylish bedroom, the bed takes center stage as the ultimate sanctuary of rest. Asharys, known for its commitment to luxury and impeccable craftsmanship, proudly presents a collection of three exquisite beds designed to redefine your sleeping haven. From the refined aesthetic of Caterina to the opulent allure of Ivory and the timeless elegance of Lila, each bed is a masterpiece that seamlessly combines comfort, elegance, and contemporary sophistication.

platform Caterina BedroomCaterina Bed

The Caterina bed introduces a refined aesthetic to your bedroom. Crafted from a solid oak wood frame, it is bolstered by sleek low-profile steel feet and adorned with microfiber leather upholstery in a versatile neutral tone. The bed is complete with a rectangular panel headboard, making it a versatile choice that seamlessly complements both contemporary and modern interior design styles.

Why We Like This Bed?

The Caterina Bed embodies the perfect marriage of simplicity and refined elegance. Crafted with precision from solid oak wood, its microfiber leather upholstery adds a touch of luxury. The sleek design with low-profile steel feet creates a contemporary masterpiece that effortlessly complements various interior styles.

Ivory Platform Bedroom

Ivory Bed

Swathed in tranquillity, the Ivory Bed is influenced by a victorious gold-plated border and boasts an upholstered frame and headrest. The detailed high-quality fabric and phenomenal headrest features serve both artistic elegance and a piece of leisure. A distinct gold leafing border adds a dual-tone accent to the tenuous natural pearl-colored linen. For a soft essence, the bed frame is accurately cushioned with dense foam to make your body at ease.

Why We Like This Bed?

The Ivory Bed is a luxurious escape into tranquility and opulence. The influence of gold-plated borders and the carefully upholstered frame create an artistic masterpiece. The detailed features, from the distinct gold leafing to the high-quality fabric, make it not just a bed but a statement piece that adds an unparalleled touch of elegance to your bedroom.

Lila Bed FrameLila Bed Frame

The Lila bed frame establishes the ambiance for your transitional bedroom by blending timeless elements with contemporary aesthetics. Crafted from premium density foam and adorned with durable brass accents, it exhibits both durability and style. The design showcases high-quality fabric upholstery, and the headboard is generously padded with foam. Perfect for contemporary and modern bedrooms.

Why We Like This Bed?

The Lila Bed Frame is a harmonious blend of timeless design and contemporary style. The use of premium density foam ensures both comfort and durability. The incorporation of durable brass accents adds a touch of sophistication, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate a transitional design that stands the test of time. The generously padded headboard enhances both comfort and aesthetics, creating a luxurious atmosphere in any bedroom.

Asharys invites you to elevate your slumber experience with these three opulent beds that seamlessly blend comfort, elegance, and contemporary sophistication. From the refined aesthetic of Caterina to the opulent allure of Ivory and the timeless elegance of Lila, each bed is a statement piece designed to transform your bedroom into a haven of luxury and tranquility. Explore the full collection at Asharys Luxury platform Beds collection and redefine your bedtime rituals in a sanctuary of style.